Why Women Really Get Botox (facial filler) It has nothing to do with looking younger.

Here’s something a lot of young people don’t know: When middle-aged women get plastic surgery, they’re not trying to look younger; they’re trying to look familiar. For the years between college and age 40, let’s say, most women look about the same as they always did. Maybe you gain a few pounds here or there, but if you put two photos side by side—”me in college” and “me at 35″—it’ll be pretty easy to see it’s the same person. Not so with “me in college” and “me at 50.” Seeing the self-slippage, and anticipating the discrepancy between “me in college” and “me at 60, 70, 80″ causes a lot of anxiety. (reprinted from the Philly Post)  Read more …


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